Routehappy – Big Data Helping People Fly Better!

by on August 2, 2016

Routehappy is changing the game
Every once in a while, you discover a great startup with a truly unique business model and proprietary data, with almost no visible competition. Unearthing a company with all these assets, ready to change the world – at the least, redesign how we view an entire industry – is very rare, but we are happy to have found such a company in Routehappy!


In fact, Routehappy provides E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G a traveller needs to know to find the perfect flight, revolutionizing the way flyers search for flights – and how airlines and distributors connect with customers.


Routehappy’s platform – providing data, content and tools all focused on differentiation –
allows the air travel industry to distinguish its offerings, showing unique product and service options, that airlines have invested in heavily and steering flight shopping away from only focusing on price and schedule ultimately resulting in an enhanced travel experience for consumers. While uses the company’s database, Routehappy’s B2B2C model allows all the worlds’ air travel sites, OBTs, Travel Agents and GDS’s the ability for their customers to see what a flight will be like using Routehappy’s Rich Content Platform.


Setting a vision for Airlines and Distributors
Over the last 5 years, the major – and not so major – airlines of the world have spent roughly $100 billion annually buying and refurbishing new aircrafts. This capital expense only pays back handsomely if customers are willing to pay more for a better airline seat. Prior to Routehappy, travelers have primarily only been able to search online by schedule and fare.


Looking for that extra legroom? A specific seat type? What Wi-Fi & entertainment are offered? Would you like to visualize the interior of the plane before you book it? Routehappy makes the difference between an enjoyable and comfortable flight and a most painful experience.



On Routehappy’s new flight shopping demo, flyers can see flight shopping results that include a Routehappy Score, amenities available on the flight, next to descriptive and visual airline rich content, showing specific products matched to the specific route you search. Results can be filtered by specific amenities: aircraft, seat, seat layout, Wi-Fi, Entertainment, Power, Fresh Food, duration of flight (and stops). These factors, which were previously next to impossible to discover, are now a click away on the demo site, setting a vision for Airlines and Distributors to integrate Rich Product Content into flight search results.






Vertically “Saas-ifying” the industry and curtailing commoditization
By building this definitive, unbiased, customized SaaS platform, which specifically answers the needs of the industry, Routehappy definitely makes it easier for airlines to manage and share rich and descriptive content, enhanced by multimedia details. The platform also allows them to showcase what sets them apart from the competition, as well as better monetize flight shopping.


Last December, one of the highest regarded travel industry publications, Business Travel News, named Routehappy CEO Robert Albert as one of The 25 Most Influential Execs for 2015 in Business Travel, making the list with the likes of Airbnb, Uber, Marriott, JP Morgan Chase, Expedia, Saber and Etihad Airways CEOs, among others. In addition, the Wall Street Journal even labeled this new offering as the Best Way to Compare Flights!


We are definitely not alone to love the company. The fan base among travelers who use the demo site to search flights keeps growing, along with press from hundreds of travel writers all around the world. The industry is also embracing and adopting its universal rich content platform with users like –, Expedia, Google, Sabre, Kayak, Farelogix, Travix, Skyscanner, among others as well as airlines including Delta, United, Qantas and Cathay Pacific already aboard.


Helping flyers make the most informed flight decision possible, giving them the best product for their money, the best customized enhanced experience in flight searches and travel, and supplying airlines and distributors the platforms they deserve to do just that, while highlighting the best they have to offer, that is Routehappy.


It is not only a merchandising content platform for flight shopping, it is in itself unique and a welcome change in the travel industry. By offering a targeted solution it has succeeded in creating immediate value for its audience and partners and I trust we will see much more innovation in the coming years.