Meet Bruno Morency, iNovia’s New Entrepreneur in Residence

by on February 18, 2015

This crazy team is thrilled to have Bruno Morency as our newest Entrepreneur in Residence!
This crazy team is thrilled to have Bruno Morency as our newest Entrepreneur in Residence!

In business, momentum is made of a series of accumulated successes that quickly precede one another. At iNovia, the past year has been one of momentum and acceleration. As we pursue portfolio growth and success, we intend to solidify our reach into our core markets in Canada by increasing our support of local tech ecosystems; adding team members and Venture Advisors; and building on our Seed Program in close collaboration with entrepreneur-driven investments such as our partnership with Interaction Ventures in Montreal.

Today we’re excited to welcome Bruno Morency to the team as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR). The timing of his addition to the iNovia team is well aligned with our goals to scale activities in Quebec and provide more support to our portfolio companies. Bruno lives and breathes the “iNovia DNA.” As an experienced entrepreneur who has built teams, sold companies and managed investments of his own. Bruno will play an even more active role alongside iNovia and Interaction Ventures in supporting our local tech ecosystem in.

As the founder of Context.IO, Bruno’s domain expertise lies in APIs, developer tools, enterprise and B2B markets. Context.IO is a unique API that makes it easy for developers to integrate email data into applications such as CRM, document management, collaboration, productivity tools and project management. The company was acquired by Return Path in 2012.

Bringing Bruno onto our team continues to expand the iNovia presence and build on our momentum. Typically, EiRs are individuals, with domain expertise who have previously build a company or been an active member of a startup team. Their front-line, operator backgrounds help us relate to our entrepreneurs and provide experiential value at board tables and throughout our portfolio interactions. In this role, Bruno will scout new investment opportunities and provide additional marketing and product management in support of existing portfolio companies.

We are also excited to see how this relationship will evolve over time, like Patrick Lor, who started as a Venture Partner and EiR, and who ended up founding a Company a little over year into his active involvement with iNovia. Dissolve is now one of our portfolio companies! Or David Nault, who originally joined the team as an EiR is now a full-time Principal leading investments such as Busbud, Crew and Chronogolf. And we now look forward to great things with Bruno.

If you don’t know Bruno already, welcome him to the iNovia team by sending a Tweet!