Flying High with Routehappy

by on December 10, 2014

I fly 40 to 50 times a year. After driving to the airport, getting through security and finding my gate, by the time I get on the plane, I want to relax and have the space to get some work done. It’s tough to know, on a flight-to-flight basis, whether I’ll have a good experience: which airlines have more leg room, wi-fi, power outlets or in-seat entertainment.

Flying doesn’t need to be tedious or stressful. There are little things that help make it an enjoyable experience. Routehappy helps me travel more comfortably.

The iNovia team is excited to announce Routehappy as the most recent addition to our portfolio. Founded by Robert Albert, Routehappy is the product differentiation platform for air travel, built on the promise to help travellers fly better. Through their proprietary Scores & Happiness Factors API, Routehappy evaluates aircraft type, seat type, seat layout, entertainment, power, wi-fi, flyer ratings, flight duration (to name a few) to help travellers make better decisions. Routehappy is also developing the Routehappy Hub, a SaaS platform that enables airlines to organize and deliver their product attribute content wherever they sell flights.

Comfort factors matter, which is why Expedia just signed a multi-year contract with Routehappy. This partnership will enable Expedia to enhance its customer experience, improve business goals and display product information more effectively.


Like Expedia, we believe in Routehappy. One of the drivers behind our investment thesis is disruption. We’re always on the lookout for companies that will shake up large industries. Think about how you book a flight right now. You might call a travel agent or more likely make a reservation online.

Traditionally, the only factors involved in purchasing a plane ticket beyond Frequent Flyer loyalty were schedule and fare. That was it.

That’s the way people have been choosing air travel for forever. Routehappy is disrupting that purchasing decision by introducing a third influence factor: comfort.

Over the past few years, airlines have spent significant amounts upgrading their fleets and we’re beginning to see a large difference between flights. Routehappy has aggregated that data for us and we’re rethinking the way we book flights – whether we’re purchasing tickets for business trips or personal pleasure.


Above, you can compare the amenities on two flights from LA to Chicago. Which would you rather take?

The Routehappy team is comprised of one-of-a-kind aviation and technology experts who have a deep understanding of the industry.  Founder & CEO, Robert Albert, is a travel junkie who managed strategy at Travelocity and led Site59 and IgoUgo to highest traffic, revenue and profit levels in site histories. Check out their Happiness Factor breakdown or this quick article about Seat Math to become an expert yourself!  

Did you know that the average leg room on planes is 31” but JetBlue always has 34”?

Leg room is really important to me because I like to stretch out, so I’ll usually choose JetBlue over another airline if possible. Regardless of your preferences, whether there’s a good entertainment system or Wi-Fi, ultimately, Routehappy makes you a smarter, more satisfied traveller.

I don’t book flights without Routehappy anymore. Do you?