Not Just Another Startup Meet and Greet: Startups From the Inside

by on October 8, 2013

Let’s face it, there are lots (and lots) of startup events sprouting up everywhere and every day of the week. Events where you can listen to startups pitch their story or drink sponsored cocktails with other aspiring entrepreneurs. I don’t knock those events, they are a great place to meet people, exchange ideas and, for an investor like iNovia, to get a feel for an entrepreneur.  As a matter of fact I met LP Maurice of Busbud at one of these events and that led to iNovia investing in the company. But the downside is you don’t really get a feel for the company, its team and its culture. So in walks Open House Montreal  (OHMTL) which is flipping things around by proposing to bring the event to the company. Now that’s innovation! Think about it, how often does an outsider get an inside view of great companies such as LightSpeed, Frank & Oak, BusBud ? Not to mention inside any of the other 30 or so other leading high tech movers and shakers that same day ?  The answer is: pretty much never, but now’s your chance….

How does it work?  On October 30th from 4-7PM Montreal Startups registered with  OHMTL will open their doors to the public. Visitors get to meet their founders, hang with the team and see where they work (BTW make sure to check out the pool at LightSpeed). To keep things under control, visitors need to go to and register for free with a group that will tour up to three startups at once and mingle with other visitors. (see FAQs at OHMTL)

Why is this a great idea for the startup ecosystem?

  1. Brings people together: Events like this attract talent, like-minded people, and creates community awareness and draws investors.
  2. Profiles amazing success stories: Companies participating have great stories to tell and the media will be there to listen. For aspiring entrepreneurs it also creates a good reference point for what it takes to achieve the same level of success.
  3. Creates momentum: A healthy ecosystem is a foundation for more success
  4. Cocktails:  You still get cocktails 🙂

Thanks to the organizers: Gabriel Sundaram of  Notman House, LP Maurice of  Entrepreneurs Anonymes, and Catherine Ouellet-Dupuis of Comités pour Entrepreneurs

Hope to see you there  !