Awesomeness Found: Meet Kylie Toh

by on October 9, 2013

I’m excited to be joining the iNovia team and as I get to know the community, I’d also like you to get to know me! When I was nine, I started my first business. I made beaded zipper pulls for jackets and suitcases. My competitive advantage? Raw materials. I had glow-in-the-dark beads, ones with sparkles and tiny seed beads – more variety than any other kid on the block. I sold my wares and made enough in my first year to break even – a whopping $64. Booyah!


And so my entrepreneurial journey began at a young age and it continues today as I step into my new role as the Communications Associate with iNovia Capital. iNovia is built on the entrepreneurial success of its partners, the passion of its portfolio companies and the integrity of its business approach. It was job-love at first sight and I joined the team for two main reasons:

1) I want a first-hand look at how venture capital funding works.
My existing involvement in the startup community drives me to grasp a deeper understanding of the capital that moves it. The VC world seems like an elusive ghost-ship from the perspective of an early stage entrepreneur and through iNovia, I have a front-row ticket to all the inner mechanics.

2) Cultural fit and a great team are must-have in any place I work.
I’ve learned, by trial-and-error, how important company culture is. Hand-in-hand with that comes great team members – people who inspire you, challenge you to be better and support your growth. Culture is something I won’t settle on and luckily, iNovia is the total package.

So what do I have to bring to this high calibre team? My background is in communications – specifically public relations. I’ve been working in marketing and branding for the past year, developing emotional archetypes for hi-tech startups to help them connect with their customers. I’m a self-taught graphic designer with an interest in coding.

Did I mention my love for startups? I’ve been involved in a project I’m passionate about: engaging more women in hi-tech startups, especially in leadership roles. I started the Chic Geek in Calgary and run the local chapter of Ladies Learning Code – both of which I believe are an important first step towards seeing (and retaining) more women in tech. I can’t imagine working in any other sector than the startup community – I like the pace, the energy and the dynamism – and I wake up every morning excited to be a part of it. Through my new role at iNovia, I look forward to expanding my relationships in other startup communities across North America.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.