iNovia is Looking for an Analyst

by on April 7, 2013

As the title suggests, we are looking to expand our team once again. One of the questions VCs get asked the most is how to get into venture capital. The short answer is – don’t plan on getting into venture capital. The numbers are against you, there isn’t a direct path and if you are approaching it like getting any other job you will likely be unsuccessful. If this doesn’t discourage you then keep reading!

Another thing that one needs to know about a position in venture capital is what environment you will find yourself in. If you join a large fund ($500M+) in a junior role you will likely be one of many Analysts or Associates and do a ton of research, building spreadsheets and administration. This is not going to look much different in a smaller fund, however, within a smaller team you will also be directly involved in investment discussions, interacting with portfolio companies and working directly with the partners in the fund. We believe that personal growth is built on being challenged, supported and mentored by individuals with an interest in your success. iNovia currently has an investment team of 7 members that work closely together and push each other to improve everyday. You will work closely with this team out of our Montréal office.

Rather than list a bunch of qualifications and skills for an Analyst we thought it would be more valuable to describe what an ideal team member looks like to us.

  • The idea of staying up late building a spreadsheet model sounds like a great way to spend a night.
  • You can defend what a reasonable revenue multiple is for any business.
  • You have worked in a startup (bonus points!) or have strong aspirations to do so in a couple of years.
  • Without being told, you implement a new CRM for the team because the current one was just too inefficient.
  • You do a full market assessment before buying any product.
  • The idea of having a ‘normal job’ is not very appealing.
  • You are not a “Know-it-All”, but rather a “Learn-it-All.”

We recognize how important every person is in a small team. Not only are we looking for an extraordinary individual, but they have to be a fit with our team. We encourage any interested candidates to check out our team, portfolio and ramblings before reaching out to us. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting the next iNovian!

All interested applicants can reach us at