“Ultimately, the team you build is the company you build.”

by on March 21, 2013

“Ultimately, the team you build is the company you build.” @vkhosla

Those ten words will resonate with me forever.

Those ten words explain why we first funded Vidyard and why we re-invested now.

Those ten words remind me that we spend too much time glorifying investors and entrepreneurs. We don’t talk enough about the team that builds product, sells a vision, supports customers and provides the foundation for future growth. We don’t spend enough time appreciating the fact that the brain trust of a Company extends far beyond its board room. We don’t give enough credit to where it’s needed the most – to the men and women who work their asses off to make the rest of us look good.

Yes, we have invested millions of dollars in Mike and Devon. But, just as importantly, we’re investing in Tyler, Blake, Steph, Ian, Mitch, Cody, Kristina, Amar, Padraig, Brian, Amir, Matt and the dozen or so other people who’ll share an @vidyard.com e-mail address over the coming months. We aren’t investing in a product demo or PowerPoint slide or financial model – we’re investing in a team that we think can continue to grow, execute and mature into a category defining organization.

Looking back on the last two years, it’s amazing to see how far Vidyard has come as a Company along all three of those axes. This is a special team doing some really ground-breaking work. I’m no longer surprised by their speed, success and ambition. If you knew the calibre of talented individuals that’s been assembled together under one ubiquitously-painted green roof in Kitchener, you would share my sense of optimism.

We’re excited to have everyone at Vidyard as part of our own iNovia family. There’s obviously still a long road ahead for all involved in this endeavour, but this financing shows we’re on the right path with the right team. Thanks to everybody at Vidyard for letting us along for the ride.

Vidyard Raises $6M Series A Financing