Winners are easy

by on November 21, 2012

I’ve been working with Chris Sukornyk and the team at Chango for a few years now and it’s amazing to see how the Company has grown.  We seeded the Company along with Extreme Ventures in 2009 when it was basically a bad idea (which I thought was awesome at the time) and two great people. Today, the Company has over 60 people across 8 locations, boasts 55 of the top 500 online retailers, and grew revenue over 600% year over year.   It’s easy now. I make an introduction to his team and it turns into good things in a short period. The amazing team attracts people of similar ilk.  Their customers who get stellar results refer other customers who want the same thing, The product is dramatically improving and the vision keeps expanding…..

……..Winners are easy.

Rocketship is packed

Of course, the truth is that winners are tough as well.  The success on the outside masks the hard work, constant issues and macro threats/opportunities the Company is constantly addressing.  In fact, there was a period early on when the Company was teetering on the brink, before Chris and his team stepped up and pivoted to break through walls standing between them and the next level.  Since then, the ship has sailed close to the wind and Chango has come through as the dominant player in the space.

To me the lesson is as it always is – you have to just keeping fighting, work efficiently and execute.  It’s a journey, not a race.  I spoke to one of our entrepreneurs recently that had reached all the goals that she had set out for herself only to realize that she wanted more having reached them.   I’m sure she realizes having gotten there how much more work that choice entails and the dire risks she is taking going forward, but there is a glimmer in her eye that makes me realize she relishes them.

The prerequisite is that you have a bright visionary team against an opportunity that is large and tangible. These attributes are a hallmark across our portfolio. Still, there will come moments for everyone where good old-fashioned doggedness is the grease that unlocks the flywheel that is success. Focus on the success, as success begets success.  Its fun when you are winning, but its still a machine that needs the fuel that is an entrepreneur’s perspiration.

This funding just adds some rocket fuel to the mother ship that is well on its way to a successful journey. We look forward to the next stage of challenges and opportunities, but I sleep well knowing that the team at Chango is at the helm and nothing will stop them.

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