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by on October 12, 2012

Montreal is truly an amazing place to build a high tech startup. iNovia has already funded 27 tech startups locally and we see no-end in sight. Every great entrepreneur is undeniably part of a community that nurtures and feeds on one’s growth and ambitions. OSMO Foundation is a testament to how great our community and ecosystem truly is. OSMO (short for Osmosis) is an ambitious and unselfish project to help give emerging entrepreneurs a place they can call their office, where they can meet, network and build their dreams.

Too many early stage companies have found out the hard way that building a startup is really hard work. And that doing it in a silo is even harder. So what makes it easier, faster and more enjoyable? Having access, day or night, to a place like Notman House, surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs, investors and corporate partners who are driven by the same passion, ambition and desire to succeed. Being in a place that attracts all kind or capital, smart people and fuels growth. Being in a place that understands the words bookstrapping, lean startup, pivot and most importantly traction. Where budgets are monthly and where teams are only as big as an extra large pizza will feed until the model proven – well, maybe a little more than just pizza, but you get the picture!

We are looking forward to OSMO taking over the Notman House and making it the Internet hub of Montreal. When it does, it will become a Montreal landmark and the iNovia team will be there to celebrate. A symbol of our early stage tech community that grows, strengthens and unifies by the day. Dreams will be built, successes will happen and this will feed the cycle.

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