The best kept secret in Montreal

by on September 17, 2012

Joe Poulin is a true entrepreneur. This fact becomes readily apparent within a few minutes of meeting him. His sheer enthusiasm, intellect, and attention to detail can captivate any skeptic and turn him or her into a believer. The drive and determination that radiates out every fibre of his being only serves to increase the velocity with which this assessment is made. His humble nature is a thin disguise of an individual who is operating with machine-like efficiency in a realm where others would crash, crumble and collapse.

However, the odds are that you’ve never heard of Joe Poulin. You probably don’t know that he started one of the world’s leading luxury travel sites when he was just 17 years old. It’s also doubtful that you’re aware that the aforementioned company now employs over 100 individuals in Montreal alone. In fact, reading today’s news might be the first time that you’ve realized that Joe and his colleagues have brought more than 2,000 hand-picked, personally inspected villas (exceeding $6 Billion USD in value and spread across the world) to within a few clicks of your mouse button.

In today’s world of rapid-fire information dissemination and internet hype cycles, and this paradox definitely qualifies as an anomaly. Joe and his company have not been hiding – a quick Google search reveals that he’s been everywhere he needs to be: in front of potential customers and employees. However, before today, you probably didn’t see him mentioned on blog posts and twitter feeds of the broader internet audience. Well, the best kept secret in Montreal is now out – and Joe’s company, Luxury Retreats (, is on a mission to give you an experience of a lifetime.

We’ve been fortunate at iNovia to get to know Joe and his rapidly growing team at Luxury Retreats for well over a year now. His commitment to excellence is only matched by our passion towards supporting amazing entrepreneurs that want to build industry leading teams and companies. Joe’s role and attitude goes well beyond simply being a CEO; his moral authority as a Founder is reflected in every one of his employees via the quality of work they do and hunger for improvement that they show. A refusal to take shortcuts and pathological desire to please a customer seem like credos from a bygone era – but for Luxury Retreats, this is simply the way of life.

This is the road to success that is much more travelled, yet rarely heralded. In a world of celebrity founders and “built-to-flip” companies, it’s not often enough that we take time to appreciate the hard work and perseverance that goes into building a category leading company. We applaud Joe and the Luxury Retreat team for what they have already accomplished, and we are excited to walk by his side towards an even brighter future.

If you are looking to join Luxury Retreat, check out the available positions here.

For more about Luxury Retreats and the financing round, check out the press release here.