Key Lessons from AcceleratMTL 2014

by on Tuesday April 15th, 2014

Last Thursday, the C100 hosted its fourth edition of AccelerateMTL. After organizing invite-only, entrepreneur-focused events for the past two years, our objective this year was to go back to the event’s origins by opening the afternoon session to all of Montreal’s tech enthusiasts from a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and industries.  This year’s theme was all about “Scaling Innovation”. Montreal… More

Key Insights from the 2014 CEO Summit

by on Thursday April 3rd, 2014

What we learned in 8-hours with our CEOs Last Thursday, iNovia held its second annual CEO Summit in New York, a full day event with a combination of experienced, thought-provoking speakers and coordinated round-tables. Our objective with this event was to challenge our CEOs with new ideas and facilitate a sharing of lessons learned across our portfolio. Over 35 companies,… More

Entrepreneurs Get Ready: The Valley Is Coming to Town

by on Tuesday April 1st, 2014

How many opportunities do you get to rub elbows with some of the biggest influencers, most successful founders and actively engaged investors? The C100 is back with its flagship @AccelerateMTL on April 10, an exclusive event celebrating and showcasing our local startup community alongside some of the biggest influencers and successful entrepreneurs from the Valley. This year’s theme is all… More

Basis Acquired by Intel

by on Thursday March 27th, 2014

We are very excited for the entire Basis team with the announcement they will be joining Intel. We are also very pleased that Jef, Marco, Bharat and company will continue to pursue the vision for the device with the support of the innovative folks at one of the most storied technology companies in the world. When we partnered with Basis last… More

The Talent Cycle: Attract, Empower, Flourish (and repeat)

by on Monday January 20th, 2014

A defining characteristic of iNovia’s investment thesis is the belief that technology alone is not a sustainable competitive advantage. Instead, we push our portfolio companies to create a platform for continued innovation. Our team has found that category leaders usually emerge as a result of management’s commitment to empower other team members to think and act likes owners of a… More

2013: A Year of Building, Hustling and Measuring

by on Wednesday December 18th, 2013

It’s hard to believe that only two years ago we embarked on our new phase of growth as an emerging VC with the launch of iNovia Fund III. That was December 2011, at time when we truly believed we were going as fast as we could, achieving crazy milestones, backing amazing entrepreneurs and feeling like part of the big leagues…. More

When Content and Commerce Have a Baby, Domino 3.0 is Born

by on Thursday October 10th, 2013

As a VC firm, we are known for taking great risk in the name of great reward. Sometimes that means we have to be extra critical, pointing out the ugly babies as we see them. A recent investment in the revived Domino magazine is proof that beautiful babies do exist even if they’re not beautiful the first time. Domino enables… More

Awesomeness Found: Meet Kylie Toh

by on Wednesday October 9th, 2013

I’m excited to be joining the iNovia team and as I get to know the community, I’d also like you to get to know me! When I was nine, I started my first business. I made beaded zipper pulls for jackets and suitcases. My competitive advantage? Raw materials. I had glow-in-the-dark beads, ones with sparkles and tiny seed beads –… More

Not Just Another Startup Meet and Greet: Startups From the Inside

by on Tuesday October 8th, 2013

Let’s face it, there are lots (and lots) of startup events sprouting up everywhere and every day of the week. Events where you can listen to startups pitch their story or drink sponsored cocktails with other aspiring entrepreneurs. I don’t knock those events, they are a great place to meet people, exchange ideas and, for an investor like iNovia, to… More

You’ve Gotta Have Heart (rate)

by on Tuesday October 8th, 2013

When I completed grad school there was only one thing I wanted to do – combine my work in mechatronics with my love affair for startups. Unfortunately, at that time it was easier to find a startup in the Silicon Valley trying to figure out how to throw virtual sheep at your friends than one working on physical products. Fast… More