Evaluating the Formula for Success at the 2014 iNovia AGM

by on Thursday September 25th, 2014

Like every business, venture funds hold an annual general meeting (AGM) each year to review the state of affairs, lessons learned, and changes in direction with key stakeholders. iNovia has a portfolio of over forty active companies across three funds representing about $275M in committed capital from its limited partners… Continue Reading

The Good, The Interesting, and the Surprising: Key Learnings from the 2014 iNovia Capital CTO Summit

by on Thursday July 31st, 2014

iNovia invests in technology and startups offering technology enabled services. We believe that the Chief Technical Officer is the cornerstone of such companies — and thus a great place to invest in creating value. My partners and I are afflicted with insatiable curiosity, and tend to invest in like teams. We’ve found that life-long… Continue Reading

Hey VCs Listen Up: Entrepreneurs are Talking

by on Thursday July 17th, 2014

Some VCs are notorious for being on top of their companies and demanding data-driven results in regards to knowing the market, hitting financials or tracking KPIs on product engagement. We decided to hold ourselves to the same standard and learn more about our market, the entrepreneur, through a data driven… Continue Reading

What it Means to be a Value Add LP

by on Monday June 23rd, 2014

Ever asked yourself what it really means to be a value-add investor in a venture capital fund? I joined iNovia Capital almost 4 years ago and had previously thought about it, but was recently put on the spot. iNovia manages $275M across three early-stage funds. We have many supportive Limited… Continue Reading

How I got so Bullish on Allocadia

by on Thursday June 5th, 2014

It was late November 2012 when I was headed to Vancouver for late-stage diligence on a company I had been tracking for some time. I asked Pat Lor to join me on the trip as he had some valuable insight in to the industry this company operated in. In putting together… Continue Reading

Refreshing Insights from AccelerateAB 2014

by on Monday May 12th, 2014

AccelerateAB has quickly become Alberta’s premiere tech event of the year, a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit and startups in the province. This year, over 400 people converged on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton. With a phenomenal speaker lineup, the program focused on helping bold entrepreneurs set high… Continue Reading

WorkFusion brings Programmatic Labour Back in Vogue

by on Thursday May 1st, 2014

For hundreds of years, “computer” was a job title. The founding intention of computers as we now know them — digital computers — was to carry out any operation which could be done by a human brain. Work, which was originally divided into tasks for people to perform, began being distributed to… Continue Reading

Is your e-Commerce business hacker proof ?

by on Wednesday April 16th, 2014

A massively scaling business is super exciting.  But let’s face it, when it does scale, you will likely find yourself cutting corners to keep the momentum going. That could mean less testing, quicker releases and a CTO that is likely helping ship product. I asked a number e-commerce companies if… Continue Reading