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Playing hard to get

April 23, 2015

Chris Arsenault wanted to invest big bucks in Joe Poulin’s company. The problem? The CEO didn’t return his calls What do you do if you have millions of dollars that you… More

A Virtual Garage Sale Takes on Craigslist

April 2, 2015

Every Sunday at 4 p.m. about 300 cars gather in the parking lot of Clearview Mall in New Orleans. No one goes inside to shop—they’re meeting to exchange used clothes, furniture… More

Backing high-potential
early-stage entrepreneurs

iNovia Team

Placing priority on vision alignment
with founders

Devon Galloway and Michael Litt
Co-Founders of Vidyard

Committed to honesty and transparency

Katherine Berry and Kristine Steuart
Co-Founders of Allocadia

Driven by curiosity
and passion

Chris Sukornyk
Founder & CEO of Chango

Leveraging technology
in unprecedented ways

Nicolas Desmarais and Daniel Saks
Co-Founders of AppDirect

Building a community
within our portfolio

Dax Dasilva
Founder & CEO of Lightspeed Retail

We invest in solvers.founders.innovators.visionaries.leaders.

We are located in Montreal, Waterloo, New York, and Calgary and partner with entrepreneurs across North America.

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